Filippo Cosentino

Christmas 2017: a special gift for you!

Hello everybody!

I thought if you need a gift to make your Christmas 2017 amazing, you can order one of my CDs!

Here a list of which are available for shipping

How to order:

send an email to 

object of email: CD Christmas 2017

text: write which CD you prefer

Promotion: 10% off if you order two CDs

L’astronauta (ERL/2015): a beautiful CD recored with very talented musicians Andrea Marcelli, Antonio Zambrini and Jesper Bodilsen. If you are searching the typical sound of jazz 4et, you need this CD! You will really enjoy the music and the sound of the Mediterranean jazz!

Promo listening

CD’s cost: 12€ 

Shipping cost: 3,5€ 

Come hell or high water (Naked Tapes/NAU): acclaimed CD recorded with original tunes and new versions of masterpieces from Shorter and Leonard Cohen. Recorded with me on guitars, electronics and Federica Gennai on vocals and electronics, kalimba

Promo listening

CD’s cost: 12€ 

Shipping cost: 1,5€ 

Tre - baritone guitar solo (M.I.L.K.): recorded with the incredible acoustic baritone guitar, the sound of this CD is incredible! The guitar seems a piano thanks to the Nashville tuning. Original tunes dedicated to the family and people care for us and dear for us

Promo listening

CD’s cost: 10€ 

Shipping cost: 3,5€ 

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