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Ciao a tutti! 

Ho pensato di portare la mia esperienza di musicista e didatta ad Alba, in provincia di Cuneo, immersi dal bellissimo paesaggio Patrimonio dell’Umanità Unesco delle Langhe-Roero e Monferrato. 

La nostra decennale esperienza, la professionalità e disponibilità ed una struttura (il Dragonfly recording studio)  ci pongono come  riferimento della didattica per la musica moderna, pop, rock, blues, jazz, contemporanea, e canto moderno

Ecco i corsi attivi

Chitarra: elettrica, acustica, classica, fingerstyle, fingerpicking

Chitarra baritona

Basso elettrico






Flauto Traverso


Canto moderno 

Musica di Insieme

Big Band

Armonia, ear training, storia della musica

Contattami per saperne di più!

Hello everybody!

If you want to learn how to play guitar, jazz guitar and acoustic or baritone guitar  please contact me via email or check me out on Skype filippo.cosentino83

Guitar Method

" invitation to a well-aware study of the pentatonic scale in blues. A summary of ideas, applications and methods to learn how to improvise on this kind of music..."

Nicola Costa, from the Preface of the book



Filippo Cosentino's didactic manual's title is "Blues: Scales and improvisation".

The book, published by Edizioni Albesi, is the result of the study and the experience of the italian guitar player: graduate and specialized in musicology at Bologna University, Cosentino pairs concerts and teaching: he is the president of Milleunanota, didactic direcor of the courses organized by the association where he leads guitar courses, musical education courses, seminars and workshops.

The didactic manual has a preface by the famous guitar player Nicola Costa, and there's a cd with arrangements to exercise. It's for all the music players who want to increase the study of blues, not only for guitar players.


Download one chapter of the book -> Extract


You can order the book sending an e-mail to


Watch the didactic videos of the book -> Videos e YouTub


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