Hello everybody!

Few words to describe a new connection between Italy&Portugal.

As you know after my tour at the Washington University in St.Louis, I had some concerts in Portugal organized by Jazz’Aqui association and co-produced by Milleunanota Alba

The events are a join-venture between two of the most important jazz associations and are permitted and powered by some sponsors.
As musician and co-producer of the events I would like to say thank you to Jazz’Aqui for the organization of the two concerts in Castelo Brano and in Minde, in the area of Lisbona; to the musicians Eduardo Cardinho and Gonçalo Sarmento and to the M°Andrea Marcelli I worked with.

A special thanks to Milleunanota Alba and my sponsors for the support in part of the events in Portugal; now all of us are working on the next amazing International Jazz Day in Alba during Aprile 2018!

In Italy we are going to introduce the results of the artistic residency leaded by M°Andrea Marcelli in artistic collaboration with me, Eduardo and Gonçalo.

All of us wish that this two main events are only the beginning of a new collaboration between us!
See you in Alba, check out the calendar here.

Gonçalo Sarmento, Andrea Marcelli, Eduardo Cardinho, Filippo Cosentino

first concert at Cine Teatro Avenida - Castelo Branco

Last concert in Minde

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