Hello everybody! Here some pictures with my new friends in Hong Kong and in Macau, it was a great experience and hope to come back soon. Thank you for your friendship, smiles and good vibes.

Smiles, hugs, precious and kindly people during meetings in Hong Kong

As such a great experience

 w. my friend Chi Ho Choi, somewhere in Hong Kong 

the Big Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island - Hong Kong

Po Lin Monastery, Lantau Island - Hong Kong 

Stanley Market - Hong Kong

at the Akustic Room, thank you to let me borrow your incredible handcrafted guitar

w. Karissa after our meeting

w. Chi Ho 

w.Stanley after our meeting

w. Daniel after our meeting

ph ny Zoe

ph ny Zoe

Lovely time in Macau

Rehearsals time in Macau (w.Arnold, Bobby and Iat U Hong, Chi Ho and Mars)

w. my friend Chi Ho at the Theatre Dom Pedro V - Macau

w. Chi Ho, Mars his wife at Little Thailandia - Macau

at the Theatre Dom Pedro V, the oldest theatre in Asia

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